Simpson Gallagher Gallery


by Michael J. Lynch
8 x 10  inches , $2000

Michael J. Lynch

Michael J. Lynch

Disappointed in the "everything is art" philosophy of art schools in the late sixties and early seventies, Michael Lynch decided to get his degree in political science and prelaw. If not for a fortuitous meeting with Denver artist Ned Jacob, Lynch may never have realized a talent that has brought praise from collectors and critics alike.

As a young boy, Michael Lynch grew up at the Chicago Art Institute. He remembers seeing the works of the great turn- of-the-century masters--Sargent, Harnett, Chase, Cassatt and Wyeth-and thinking how much could be said with representational art. He was especially impressed by Gaston La Touche, the looseness of his paintings, the way the paint looked on the surface-how he got the effect of form and texture without photographic detail.

After meeting Jacob and other contemporary traditional artists working in the Denver area, Lynch got a job as an airline steward, all the while attending workshops and visiting major museums and galleries around the world. Years of hard work and study have paid off. The honesty and spontaneity of his paintings, his aggressive approach to the canvas, his masterful design and composition have earned him the praise of critic and, more importantly, his peers: Ned Jacob says: "In an age that has witnessed the atrophy of classical standards of excellence in the plastic arts, it is reassuring to introduce Michael Lynch, a painter whose work reflects an understanding of traditional disciplines and a respect for his craft. Lynch's inspiration springs from a love of life and beauty, and his paintings reflect all that is healthy in traditional painting while, at the same time, being freshly contemporary."

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