Simpson Gallagher Gallery

Time Traveler

by Clyde Aspevig
24 x 30  inches , $28000

Clyde Aspevig

Clyde Aspevig

Born in northern Montana, Clyde Aspevig's world was shaped by the land. Encouraged by his parents, Clyde knew from an early age that he wanted to be a painter, and with a tenacity that still helps define him today, he relentlessly pursued his goal. Clyde has been honored with one-man exhibitions at galleries and museums throughout the United States, most recently at New York City's National Arts Club. He has received such prestigious awards as the Prix de West from the National Cowboy Hall of Fame, the Red Smith Award from the National Museum of Wildlife Art, and the William E. Weiss Purchase Award from the Buffalo Bill Historical Center. After living years in a busy, urban world, Clyde and his wife, fellow painter Carol Guzman, have chosen to return to his home state. They live on the sage strewn plains in the shadows of the Bridger and Crazy Mountains.

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