Simpson Gallagher Gallery
Simpson Gallagher Gallery: 1994-2014 Please join us in
Celebrating our 20th Anniversary
Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - From 5 to 7 in the evening

Twenty years. I don’t feel old enough to have done anything for twenty years!

When my husband John and I started Simpson Gallagher Gallery in 1994 we didn’t have dreams of longevity. We didn’t have a long-range plan. We did know we wanted to work with art and artists. We wanted to provide a space to show their work. We wanted to share our love of art with others. Those were our goals.

Thanks to our loyal artist friends and supportive patrons, we have been able to do just that for two decades. We are fortunate. We are also incredibly grateful. We have a wonderful support network. Many family members and friends have worked and volunteered at the gallery. They have licked stamps, poured refreshments, handed out candy (Halloween), washed windows, straightened paintings and so much more.

Over the years much has changed in the world and in the art market. It has been a great adventure. It has been a challenge and a joy. We have shared much of our lives with our artists and patrons. They are our extended family.

With my compatriot Chuck Neustifter as the director, we move into another decade and are excited by the possibilities for the gallery. We invite you to share our future.

—Sue Simpson Gallagher

A Fine Art Gallery Featuring Some of America’s Leading Representational Artists

Gordon Allen, Carolyn Anderson, Clyde Aspevig, Bob Barlow, Len Chmiel, Josh Elliott, Richard V. Greeves, Carol Guzman, Tony Hochstetler, Harry Jackson, T.D. Kelsey, Steve Kestrel, Ron Kingswood, Bridger Konkel, T. Allen Lawson, Walter Matia, William Matthews, Jim Morgan, Shirley Novak, Ralph Oberg, Julie Oriet, Joel Ostlind, Geoff Parker, Grant Redden, William F. Reese, Greg Scheibel, David Slonim, Matt Smith, Margery Torrey, Skip Whitcomb, Hollis Williford, Kathy Wipfler, and Dan Young

This 20th anniversary exhibition is dedicated to the memories of Harry Jackson (1924–2011), Mimi Litschauer (1957–2013), Bill Reese (1938–2010) and Hollis Williford (1940–2007). Good and faithful friends.

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